maandag 31 augustus 2009


Australian screamo. So melodic they hardly use distortion.

Tour CD

zaterdag 29 augustus 2009

Asshole Parade

Hope to see them live in a few weeks. Classic Powerviolence.
Say Goodbye
Student Ghetto Violence


Insult is a fastcore band from the Netherlands. Think Infest / Charles Bronson with some other influences thrown in. This is their discography with the funny title 'Emo Bashing Fastcore Pimps'.

Emo Bashing Fastcore Pimps

vrijdag 28 augustus 2009

I Spy

I Spy is a melodic hardcore band from the 90s, they remind me of Lifetime and Kid Dynamite, but a bit harder.
Perversity is Spreading... It's about Time

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

I saw this band at the Lowlands festival and they just radiated positive energy. Lots of hippie 60s stuff on this album.
Up From Below


Crocus is a screamo band from the UK. Their style is a pretty energetic and chaotic mix of punk and screamo.
The Worst Kind of Joy is Hope

The link below is for the split with Lavotchkin, which is a UK hardcore band with lots of crusty influences.

dinsdag 25 augustus 2009

Angry Samoans

Blah blah blah, 80s punkrock. Enjoy!

Back From Samoa
Inside My Brain
Kurt Cobain's Dead + more songs

The Trashman

Just some random post, but this song is funny.

vrijdag 14 augustus 2009

Lucky Fonz III

Lucky Fonz III is a dutch singer/songwriter. The download link are his albums 'Life is Short' and a selftitled. I will upload his new album when I get it.
"Next to more obvious influences such as Leonard Cohen and Bright Eyes, it blends classic American song traditions with European elements such as French chanson and British 60s pop."
Lucky Fonz III
Edit 'the new album'

Do Make Say Think

Postrock mixed up with some jazzy and folk influences. Really good for some relaxing time.
& Yet & Yet
Do Make Say Think
Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord is dead
You You're a History in Rust

donderdag 13 augustus 2009

Uniform Choice

Straight Edge hardcore punk from the 80s. I guess this is some compilation of their songs.
Straight And Alert

Deep Wound

Incredible fast hardcore punk from the 80s. Members went on to form Dinosaur Jr. (!)
This is one of those bands (next to Lärm, Siege and others) which would be a huge influence on powerviolence.
Deep Wound

Mean Season

I'm really getting into 90s hardcore lately and this band is one of my favorites.
Think Unbroken, but with a little more metallic touch.
The Memory and I still Suffer in Love

dinsdag 4 augustus 2009

maandag 3 augustus 2009


I've been listening to this a lot. This is really loungy stuff. says this:
" Bonobo is Simon Green, British producer, composer, musician and DJ.
With the experimental warmth of ‘60s french films and the pizzicato flavor of breakbeats, Bonobo established a niche of post-party chill-out."
My favorite album is Animal Magic.
Bonobo - Days to Come
Bonobo - Dial M for Monkey
Bonobo - One Offs
Bonobo - Animal Magic
Bonobo - Sweetness

Below: a schoolassignment a friend of mine made using a Bonobo song.

The Sonics

The Sonics are a 60s rock 'n roll band. They got some real killer songs like Strychnine or The Witch.
I uploaded 2 compilations of them (I think).
The Sonics

Luna Silenziosa / Mending Wall

Epic postrock from the States. This band is dead, this is their discography. Ryan from the band gave me the downloadlinks *thanks*.
Part 1
Part 2
Unreleased Songs
These 2 songs were supposed to go on a split with Men As Trees. Didn't happen though.
These songs are allready on 'At the close of every day part 2', but these versions are better, recording quality isn't good though.


Another Per Koro band. You know what to expect: metallic hardcore in the vein of Acme. This is a bit more chaotic and faster then Acme though.
This is 'The Last Dance' 7".

Downloadlink is from

zondag 2 augustus 2009


Very energetic screamo/hardcore from the USA.
The last song (Victory Pee. Hold my Wang) on this demo is really epic.


Dutch fast hardcore band, they described their music as Youthcrust(core).
Think of a mix of Youth of Today and Charles Bronson.
This is their Disco'graphy

The Hated

End of the 80s emo band. I really like this band, pretty uptempo stuff.
What was behind & Awl Casette.
The Hated


Youthcrew from the USA. It's a 7" named Descent.

I can't find a site for these guys (comment if you got one).

There's also a dutch hardcore band (90s style: Unbroken/Trial) with the same name.
You can find out about them on:
Reveal on Lost Wisdom is a Quiet Echo


Hardcore punk from France. Their sound is pretty much how 80s punkrock/hardcore punk sounds like:
think Angry Samoans (there's a cover of "Gas Chamber on this album) or the Circle Jerks.
Album is called Paris By Night.

The Pine

Beautifull emo, think the Hated or Evergreen with some modern touches.
This link includes their selftitled album, Days Slipping By, Homeless Life, Don't Need Regret and Lead Blocks For Feet.
I think I also have their split with the Saddest Landscape, so if anyone wants that one I'll upload it to.
The Pine


Emo-ish screamo from Scotland.
This is their 'Seven Songs'.


Hardcore from the USA. You'll love this if you're into bands like Pulling Teeth.
The album is called Memento Mori / Hell Mouth.


German chaotic hardcore band. They were on Per Koro, so that means it's quality stuff.
Members were also in Loxiran, Enfold & Tomte.
This is their 7" Obstinator and 2 more songs (a livesong and a song from a compilation)

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